Jacket from the future

The jacket has an on-loop animation that represents the game of Pac-Man.  The animation is of Multiple arrows moving from one end to another, ending with a slide of ‘Game Over’. ‘Game Over’ is not only a common phrase at the end of each game but, here, it also represents the end of the era of Pac-Man, a true classic.

2019/ Arduino, Multisensory & Multidisciplinary

Personal Project

Guide: Alexander Branczyk


Concept & Execution

The jacket is an ode to the classic game of Pac-Man. All the visuals were inspired by the game and aimed on making the viewer reminisce the charm of old video games. 

The process started with me sketching the visuals on a 7*7 grid (the final grid I chose for the LEDs). The visual was then transferred to a heat transfer paper, cut and pasted on the jacket.