Mental Health Fiesta

This was a pro bono project done for Mental Health Foundation (MHF) India, which is a non profit organisation that aims on removing the stigma surrounding mental health in a country like India. An annual festival is hosted by MHF which aims on breaking boundaries and thinking out of the box. The festival did not have any identity until they approached me, asking if I was interested. This lead to the branding for the festival for 2019, and will now be used for as a guideline for future festivals hosted by MHF

2019/ Identity Design, Branding & Brand Collaterals

AIIMS, Delhi

Client: Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Fiesta ’19 is an annual festival organised to break the boundaries surrounding mental health stigma in India. The 6th Great Annual Celebration aspired to further Mental Health Awareness through Conscious Action and to Empower our Society by Equipping Ourselves.
It took place in New Delhi, on October 04, 2019

The visuals were developed by asking multiple design students to represent ‘Hope’ ‘Love’ ‘Strength’ and ‘Resilience’ using only geometrical figures. The reason geometrical figures were chosen was because the client requested the representation of “emotion in abstraction”. The representations were then studied and compared, and common symbols were combined to form the above visual.


The logo represents the need to break the box and cut the boundaries. It’s a take at the stigma that surrounds Mental Health which is inside a confined space (represented by a square in the logo) which needs to be pushed and broken to ultimately be free (the breaking of the square in the logo)
The logo is future proof, where it can be used for future festivals. If needed, the box can be left open, both literally and metaphorically.

Typography and Colour Palette

Brand Collaterals

The social media campaign also followed the same palette and language. Each post was made, keeping the identity in mind. The idea behind sticking to the colour palette and visual language was to develop a recall in the audience’s mind.

The event was held in the most esteemed medical Institute of India, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi on 04, October, 2019.