TIME Magazine

The brief was to redesign an article, and choose a grid that fits it best. The article I worked with is ‘The Most Influential Photos of All Time’ published in 2016 by Time. The challenge I faced was to form a grid that worked with each photograph, as no photograph could be cropped or edited.

2019/ Publication, Typography & Layout Design

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Guide: Tarun Deep Girdher & Ananya Khaitan


Initial Iterations

The process started with initial iterations of the grid, colour, type that will work. The challenge faced was to retain the hierarchy, where the viewer first views the photography, followed by title, body and caption. 

First set of Iterations

The initial thought was to add graphical elements which were rectangular. The colour scheme chosen was to represent the colour of the company (Time) and Black represented the monochrome photographs. However, the graphical elements were distracting the viewer from the main photograph.

Second set of Iterations

 I decided to remove all graphical elements, and use the colour ‘red’ for the title of the article. The heading of each photograph was brought emphasis to, and an important quote from the body was highlighted using prominent quotation marks. However, this approach didn’t work either, as all photographs were getting justice, along side the quotation marks were extremely distracting.